Get Involved!

“All things are connected … teach your children that the rivers are our brothers… whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth.”

Chief Seattle

Ways you can help build progress towards abolition of the mandate:

  • Sign the Petition on this website today!
  • Get 5-10 of your friends and family to sign the petition
  • Social Media – Spread the word about END THE DNR MANDATE by loading the Petion page onto your Facebook page, Instagram, etc.
  • Spread the word to end the DNR mandate:
  • Talk about/explain/debate the mandate issue to friends, family, co-workers and others, listen to their questions – 90% of folks are shocked to learn we cut down trees to pick up change to build a few schools each year!!!

Contact your legislatorsClick here to find their contact info

  1. Via email: Ask them to support eliminating the mandate.
  2. Via phone call: Ask them to support eliminating the mandate.
  3. Via formal letter: Ask them to support eliminating the mandate

Contact the GovernorClick to contact here

  • Same 3 drills as for legislators

Contact OSPI head, Randy Dorn — Click to contact here

  • Same 3 drills as for legislators

Contact DNR Public Lands Commissioner, Peter GoldmarkClick to contact here

  • Same 3 drills as for legislators

Extra-Credit Level Civic Actions!

  1. Get your children involved. Kids love civic action!!! Utilize the clipboard and petition signature gathering approach — downloadable petitions are here — modify how you want! Let us know if you need any help with this. Ideally, ending the mandate would be a youth led movement – you can help make it happen – build a parent-student coalition at your kids’ schools to spread the word and lobby Olympia!!!! Also, ask teachers if could be a credit/points bearing activity/service-learning project!
  2. Contact me, Web Hutchins, to help with publicity, strategy, and implementation plans. We need help building a social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter. Let’s review: we really need help with these systems!!! [email protected]
  3. Write an op-ed for the Seattle Times, or, or your neighborhood paper, or the NYT — why not?!!
  4. Write a Letter to the Editor of these papers when related topics present themselves. The Seattle Times has constant coverage of education topics, including in it’s Education Lab, that you could easily relate to McCleary and the mandate.
  5. Create and develop other ideas to win and let us know!
  6. Testify in the legislature on behalf of ending the mandate.