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End The DNR Mandate is a new, non-profit organization designed to:

  1. share knowledge about this outdated policy with the general public
  2. provide a “meeting place” via the website and other formats for the many, many citizens, groups, and organizations that have a stake in ending the mandate to improve the fish, wildlife, and habitat conditions of our state’s many beleaguered species
  3. help facilitate these entities in developing the best possible strategies to bring a political solution to the DNR mandate


Influential Leaders, Scientists, Orgs, and Businesses that Support Ending the DNR Mandate

Bill McMillan, internationally renowned steelhead author/conservationist, Washougal/Concrete — (EDM – Board member)

Tom Shuhda, USForest Service Senior Fisheries Biologist, Colville

Jonathan Stumph, Chair, Board of Directors, Wild Steelhead Coalition

Maria Mudd Ruth, author, “Rare Bird: Pursuing the Marbled Murrelet,” (sic), Olympia

Paul Kampmeier, WA Forest Legal Center (WFLC), attorney, Seattle

Kara Whittaker, WFLC, Senior Scientist and Pol. Analyst, Seattle

Kevin Schmelzlen, Campaign Coordinator, Murrelet Survival Project, Shelton

Robert Siceloff, Glacier Timber, forester, (ret.), Seattle (EDM – Boardmember)


Web Hutchins is the director of the initiative. He’s award winning 25th year Seattle high school history teacher, a writer, and outdoorsman. He started END the DNR Mandate in the spring of 2015 after the Seattle Times published his op-ed essay on the topic. He did his UW thesis on the topic in 1997. (a Seattle media outlet) published a similar essay by Hutchins just weeks before the 2014 Oso Slide on the North Fork Stillaguamish River. He is actively looking for established organizations and individuals to get involved in what will undoubtedly be a real battle. He eagerly seeks logistical help in this endeavor!

Hutch is an award winning 25th year Seattle high school history teacher and former long-time coach. He was “born part fish” according to his mom and fishes for anything that swims, but river steelhead and saltwater kings are his favorites. Whatever gear works best is what he fishes — he is committed to uniting all fisherman — gear guys, fly guys, and commercial fisherman — to get rid of the DNR mandate, along with a broad-based coalition that includes liberals and conservatives alike, children’s groups, educators, tribal groups, ethical professionals in the timber industry and in government agencies, bird lovers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts…and many others. His thesis at the UW led to his current work on a book about the DNR’s historic role in the decline of the Deer Creek steelhead run on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River. It is titled, “The Deer Creek Story: Roots of the 2014 Stillaguamish Slide.”

On Kids and Fishing

Hutch says, “We must preserve our rivers and our salmon and steelhead for our children and future generations. This is not our choice. This is our sacred duty.” He is especially committed to giving ALL kids the opportunity to get on the water and into the great outdoors. He believes in the education of the whole child and that includes familiarity with the outdoors and exposure to fishing, which is an essential part of our cultural heritage as Washingtonians. On his Fishing Club expeditions at Franklin and Nathan Hale High Schools in Seattle more than a few kids caught their first wily salmon and steelhead on local rivers. Hutch asks, “If we don’t teach kids how to love and respect fish, rivers, and the outdoors how can we expect them to have a full life, much less conserve and preserve our fish and wildlife for the generations after them? We can’t. Therefore we must teach them.” ( More bio info available at Civics for All ).


Please contact him to get involved at [email protected] or via this format:

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